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Return policy

1. General

BOLA spol s.r.o., pursuant to the Trademark No. 89/2012 S., hereby issues the following Return policy, which is part of the Terms and Conditions of BOLA spol s.r.o.

  • Price– is the purchase price for the goods, for each one of the precisely specified goods purchased in the e-shop
  • Supplier– BOLA spol s.r.o., with its registered office at Charkovská 399/16, 101 00 Prague 10, registered in the Company Register with the Municipal Court in Prague, File No. 2611, Co. Reg. No. 186 30 219
  • Customer– a person or a legal entity who signs a purchase agreement with the supplier through an e-shop
  • Claim - the customer's right of liability for defects.

Purchase contract according to Trademark No.89 / 2012 Coll. Section 2079, as amended, is a contract concluded between BOLA spol s.r.o. / supplier / on the one hand and the customer on the other hand through the e-shop.

The goods are offered by the supplier / BOLA spol s.r.o. / to sell via e-shop.

2. Goods defects

The supplier is responsible that the goods have no defects when taken over, have the properties agreed by the parties / if the agreement is not met, is responsible for the fact that the goods have the characteristics that the supplier or the manufacturer has described and which the customer expects with regard to the nature of the goods.

The goods are in compliance with legal requirements.

If the goods do not have the abovementioned properties, the customer may also require a new item to be delivered without any defects if this is not disproportionate to the nature of the defect. However, if the defect only affects a certain part of the goods, the customer may only require the replacement of the mentioned part until the contract can be withdrawn.

However, if the defect is disproportionate to the nature of the defect, in particular if the defect can be removed without unnecessary delay, the customer is entitled to a free removal of the defect.

The customer has the right to get a new item delivered or to replace part of the item, even if the defect is removed, unless he can not properly use the item for a recurrence of a defect after repair or a greater number of defects. In this case, the buyer may withdraw from the contract.

If the customer does not withdraw from the contract or does not exercise the right to deliver a new item without any defects, to replace its part or to repair the item, the customer may request a reasonable discount. The customer has the right to a reasonable discount even if the supplier can not deliver a new item without defect, replace the item or repair it, as well as if the reparation fails to be repaired at a reasonable time or if the reparation would cause considerable difficulties for the customer.

The right of defective performance is not valid if the purchaser caused the defect himself.

3. Application of a claim

The customer is entitled to claim the right for defects that occur in the sold goods within twelve months of the receipt of the goods. The warranty period begins with the takeover of the goods by the customer.

The warranty period is extended by the time the goods were in warranty repair. In the case of a replacement, a new warranty period begins.

4. Other rights and obligations

The supplier's liability for defects does not apply to the wear and tear of the product due to its usual use. The receipt of the goods is used as a warranty. If expressly requested by the customer, a warranty certificate may be issued on the customer's request, which will contain all the details / i.e. all details of the supplier and customer.

The customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract in all cases specified by law. Withdrawal from the contract is effective from the moment it is delivered to the customer by the supplier and all necessary legal conditions are met. In the event of withdrawal, the parties are obliged to return everything they have provided to each other.

5. Handling of a claim

Complaints, including removal of a defect, will be handled within a reasonable time, without undue delay, no later than 30 days after the date of delivery of the goods to the supplier unless both parties agree on a longer period.

If the supplier does not obtain from the customer all the materials necessary to handle the claim, the supplier will request the goods and the customer will deliver them as soon as possible, the 30-day period is then suspended until the date of delivery of the required documents.

Appropriate costs associated with the return of goods are borne by the supplier, but if the claim is unjustified, the customer handles the costs. The costs associated with the return of the claimed goods shall be borne by the supplier in the event of a reasonable claim.

The right to claim the goods warranty expires in the event of improper installation or improper commissioning, as well as in the case of improper handling, which does not correspond to the parameters stated in the documentation of the goods.

In the event of a contract withdrawal or a discount, the shipping costs are returned to the customer by bank transfer to the bank account which the customer is obliged to notify.

This Return policy is part of the Terms and Conditions of BOLA spol s.r.o. and shall be valid from 1.1.2015.