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Room thermostats

Room thermostats are a very important part of heating circuits. Thanks to these thermostats, you will achieve optimal thermal comfort while maintaining acceptable costs. Modern room thermostats are accurate, reliable, have smart functions and intuitive control. Choose from our range of thermostats for home, office or commercial premises.

Room thermostats are a very important accessory and part of the heating circuits. The room thermostat is the ideal solution for optimum thermal comfort while maintaining affordable costs. It is the most basic and easiest way to control the room temperature. Thanks to the wide range of settings, especially programmable room thermostats, it is possible to achieve relatively interesting energy savings while maintaining maximum comfort. It is possible to use programs for weekdays and weekends or even for each day separately.

Applications where we can find a room thermostat are eg. households, offices, hotels or public buildings.

Room thermostats can be used for gas or electric boilers, heaters, fan coil units, heat pumps, but also for underfloor heating, ventilation or cooling systems.