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Backflow preventer Honeywell BA295S-11/2A, risk class 4, BRASS, 65 °C, DN 40

Extended warranty 5 years

Backflow preventer Honeywell BA295S-11/2A, risk class 4, BRASS, 65 °C, DN 40

  • Product code: BA295S-11/2A
  • EAN : 5059087001313
  • Manufacturer code: BA295S-11/2LFA
  • Warranty: 5 years

Backflow preventer protecting drinking water distribution from contamination to risk class 4 in accordance with EN1717. More information

This product is no longer available, as it has been replaced with a new model.

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Parameters and catalogs

Max. operating pressure 10 bar
Max. water temperature 65 °C
Medium Drinking water
Weight 5.60 kg

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The backflow preventer is suitable for residential buildings, industrial and commercial purposes. Protects drinking water systems against back pressure, back flow and back syphonage. This is most often used when combining water abstraction from the water line and boreholes.

Compact design with easy service and easy access to all internal components. The special design prevents water from "standing". The preventer has a low pressure drop and high flow rate at a low noise level (group 2). It is certified for use in drinking water and meets KTW recommendations for potable water


  • Housing
  • Integrated strainer, mesh size approx. 200 μm
  • Valve cartridge with integrated check valve and discharge valve
  • Outlet check valve
  • Tree ball valves for the connection of a differential pressure gauge
  • Connecting fittings
  • Discharge connection

How does the separator work?

BA type backflow preventers are divided into three pressure zones. The pressure in zone 1 is higher than in zone 2, which in turn is higher than in zone 3. A discharge valve is connected to zone 2 which opens at the latest when the differential pressure between zones 1 and 2 drops to 0.14 bar. The water from zone 2 discharges to atmosphere, both check valves close and therefore separate zone 2 from zone 1 and 3. In this way the danger of back pressure, back flow or back syphonage into the supply network is prevented.


Reducing valve

A / B

Test kit

Test kit


Fine filter, reverse rinsable


Typical applications

    • Chemical mixing plant
    • Chemical cleaning appliances
    • Softening and deacidification plant without DVGW approval.
    • Film development plant without DVGW certification
    • Galvanic baths
    • Boilers and automatic pressure cooker equipment
    • Heating filling systems, water with inhibitors
    • High pressure cleaners with chemical supplementation
    • Laboratory workbenches
    • Swimming pools

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