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Corner radiator valves

When installing a heating system we sometimes need corner radiator valves, which we offer a wide range of . They are designed to mount a thermostatic head for perfect temperature control in the room and are equipped with a solid internal thread on one side and a union nut on the other. The design of the corner valves varies with the thread diameter, so choose the one that matches the pipe diameter used.

The corner radiator valve with the thermostatic head mounted creates a functional unit ensuring reliable maintenance of the selected room temperature without the need for continuous adjustment during the day. Thanks to precise manufacturing, these valves have a long service life and will reliably serve without maintenance or repair. Corner radiator valves also have the possibility to set the kvs value.

Radiátorový ventil bude spolehlivě pracovat v jakékoli poloze, svislé, vodorovné i šikmé.