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Grundfos MAGNA electronic circulation pumps

Circulator pumps are a must-have part of energy-saving heating and water supply systems nowadays. They provide optimal liquid transport in these systems, while increasing their efficiency. The electronically regulated Grundfos MAGNA1 and Grundfos MAGNA3 circulators with a number of smart functions represent the most modern models on the market.

Thanks to Grundfos MAGNA circulation pumps, your heating will always be even and efficient, increased thermal comfort in your home and reduced energy costs are guaranteed.

The Danish manufacturer of Grundfos pumps have the patented AUTOADAPT function, which constantly evaluates various data that help reduce energy consumption. For example, these pumps remember when you use the most hot water or when and which rooms you most often heat up. This data is used to automatically optimize the heating of hot water and the operation of heating systems

The Grundfos MAGNA1 and Grundfos MAGNA3 range of circulation pumps offer a really wide selection of models for different purposes. You can get a pump based on the volume of your heating system and the number of radiators, or according to the type and size of the connection or according to the flow, pressure and head of the pump. The most modern models have multiple of additional accessories and functions for even better optimization. All Grundfos MAGNA1 and Grundfos MAGNA3 pumps can be used for radiators and underfloor heating and are suitable for all types of boilers.