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Grundfos MQ 3-35 domestic waterworks (96515412)

Grundfos MQ 3-35 domestic waterworks (96515412)

  • Product code: 96515412
  • EAN : 5700396722504
  • Manufacturer code: 96515412
  • Warranty: 2 years

Compact domestic waterworks with integrated pressure vessel. Height up to 34 m. Power supply 230V. More information

This product is no longer available, as it has been replaced with a new model.

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Parameters and catalogs

Frequency converter No
Head max 34 m
Power 230 VAC
Pressure vessel volume Integrated
Pump flow 3,9 m3/h
Suction height 8 m
Weight 15.50 kg

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The Grundfos MQ domestic waterworksis a complete, all-in-one unit, incorporating pump, motor, diaphragm tank, pressure and flow sensor, controller and non-return valve. The typical use of the MQ is to supply drinking water in the home or to increase pressure from the waterline. As it is self-priming, the MQ is able to pump water from a level below the pump. Provided it is filled with water, the pump is able to lift water from a depth of 8 m in less than 5 minutes.


  • Domestic water supply
  • Draining water from wells or tanks
  • Increasing the pressure from the water supply network


  • The built-in control unit ensures automatic start-up of the pump when water is taken out and then automatically shuts off when the pump stops
  • Dry running or excessive temperature, protection.
  • The pump features an automatic reset function. In case of dry running or similar alarm, the pump will stop. Restarting will be attempted every 30 minutes for a period of 24 hours. The reset function can be deactivated.


  • Small space requirements
  • Low noise level
  • Dust protection
  • No maintenance
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Attest to drinking water
  • Suction lift up to 8 meters
  • Power supply 230V

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