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Mechanical disconnecto r Honeywell R295H-3/4A, risk class 4, BRONZE, hydraulic regulator, pressure 0,5 bar, DN 20

Extended warranty 5 years

Mechanical disconnecto r Honeywell R295H-3/4A, risk class 4, BRONZE, hydraulic regulator, pressure 0,5 bar, DN 20

  • Product code: R295H-3/4A
  • EAN : 4019837004163
  • Manufacturer code: R295H-3/4A
  • Warranty: 5 years

Mechanical disconnector protecting drinking water distribution from contamination to risk class 4 in accordance with EN1717. More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Max. flow 3,5 m3/h
Max. operating pressure 16 bar
Max. water temperature 40 °C
Medium Drinking water
Weight 1.60 kg

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The mechanical disconnector protects drinking water systems from contamination due to back flow and back syphonage of non-potable water into the public water supply network. Conforms to DIN1988 part 4 of type 1 design. It offers better protection than check valves as it allows protection up to risk class 4.

Compact, easy-to-maintain design, eliminating the need to remove the separator from the pipeline. The disconnector is characterized by low pressure loss and high flow rate. When the disconnector  is closed, a green color appears under the transparent cover. The disconnector is certified for use in drinking water installations and is KTW approved.

Available in four versions with different opening pressure - A 0,5 bar, B 1 bar, C 1,5 bar, D 2 bar


    • body with manometer
    • check valve for outlet connection
    • threaded union connections
    • spring bonnet 
    • drain hole
    • valve insert with spring
    • spindle guide with double O-ring seal

    How does the separator work?

    The inlet pressure operates on the annular surface of the valve piston and pushes it against the force of the spring bringing the piston to the open position. If the supply pressure falls below the opening pressure needed to overcome the spring force then the integral spring pushes the valve into the closed position.

    Typical applications

    • Chemical mixing plant
    • Chemical cleaning appliances
    • Softening and deacidification plant without DVGW approval.
    • Heating system charging kits without DVGW approval, water without inhibitors
    • Galvanic baths
    • Boilers and automatic pressure cooker equipment
    • Beverage vending machines

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