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Power supply Wilo PG 500 Compact (2865830)

Power supply Wilo PG 500 Compact (2865830)

  • Product code: 2865830
  • Manufacturer code: 2865830
  • Warranty: 2 years

Backup power supply with built-in accumulators for Wilo PG 500 Compact circulator pumps. More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Backup time 5 h/20 W
Output power 600 W
Power 230 VAC
Weight 10.20 kg

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Back-up power supply intended for supplying circulator pumps or other el. equipment in case of power failure. The backup power supply will supply the boiler circulator pump and thus prevent its overheating.

The backup power supply consists of two integrated lead-acid batteries, electronic circuits for charging and protecting the batteries, inverters, sockets for connection of back-up devices and a cable for connection to the mains. The output voltage has a sinusoidal waveform and thus enables trouble-free operation of low-energy circulation pumps - tested with Wilo pumps.

Backup time

  • Appliance input power (230 V) 20 W backup time 5 h
  • Appliance input power (230 V) 45 W backup time 3 h 30 min

These are indicative times. Dependence on current consumption, battery age, etc.


  • Automatic switching from mains to battery power and back
  • High inverter efficiency
  • Intelligent 2-stage battery charging with overcharging protection
  • Overload and full discharge protection
  • Multifunction LED and acoustic signaling
  • Very quiet operation due to the absence of a fan

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