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Wireless thermostat Honeywell CMT727

Wireless thermostat Honeywell CMT727

  • Product code: CMT727D1016
  • EAN : 5025121388597
  • Manufacturer code: CMT727D1120
  • Warranty: 2 years

Wireless digital thermostat Honeywell CMT727. More information

This product is no longer available, as it has been replaced with a new model.

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Parameters and catalogs

Control Display
Design Wireless
External sensor No
Measurement accuracy 0,5 °C
Power 230 VAC
Programme Weekly
Regulation On/Off
Setting range 0...35 °C
Weight 1.00 kg

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Download PDF

Wireless temperature regulator with weekly heating regime. The thermostat is easy to install with a clear LCD display and easy to use. The thermostat setting allows 4 daily temperature regimes. The regulator design allows wireless communication between the thermostat and the relay unit included in the package. It is used to control combined, gas or oil boilers, circulation pumps, thermoelectric actuators, zone valves and direct electric heating elements (<10A).

The CM727 wireless temperature regulator is comprised of the CM727 room unit and the R6660D (HC60NG) relay unitIt is not necessary to install any cables for the room unit. It is only necessary to install a line between the relay unit and the regulated equipment (i.e. boiler) and install the room unit in a suitable location where radio frequency communication works reliably. A programmable room thermostat provides you with a comfortable temperature when you are at home and energy saving when you are away from home.

Main features:

  • It can be installed without interfering with the wall surface of the room, as no wiring is needed.
  • The attractive, thin, ultra-modern design is ideal for placement in any type of building.
  • 7-day program.
  • Possibility to set up to 4 independent temperature changes in one day.
  • Reliable RF communication using the 868 MHz band with 1% duty cycle to minimize interference.
  • Each room unit can be connected to several relay units (eg to control several heating panels).
  • Possibility of programming "from the chair".
  • The “Vacation” button saves heating energy by reducing the temperature to 1 to 99 days in the absence of people.
  • The EEPROM memory keeps the set program indefinitely even without power supply.
  • OFF mode includes frost protection at a minimum of 5 °C (adjustable by the installer), so the pipes in the house will never freeze.
  • Possibility to connect different loads: 24...230V, 10A resistive, 3A inductive, SPDT relay provides compatibility with most domestic heating systems.
  • Room temperature information.
  • Maximum system efficiency and extended boiler life thanks to unique zone synchronization system.
  • Automatic changes between summer and winter time adjusted automatically when the time is set.
  • Powered by two AA alkaline batteries (LR6).
  • The HC60NG relay unit is mounted on a wall or wiring box.
  • Service mode allows setting of other functions according to the choice of the installer and requirements of the heating system.

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