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Honeywell Evohome is a smart zone heating control system. It adjusts the heat supply to individual rooms (zones) according to the required temperature. It works with all common heat sources and the installation does not require construction changes. Evohome works in floor heating and radiators. The system constantly records and evaluates data on the required indoor and outdoor temperature, while minimizing energy losses and reducing operating costs for heating.

Honeywell Evohome smart heating is based on wireless communication and can easily be adapted to the needs of family homes, apartments and smaller commercial spaces. Thanks to the integrated wifi, it can be controlled from anywhere by a smartphone or tablet.

Cost-effective sets offer solutions for radiator and floor heating with savings on acquisition costs. Choose one of our sets for a smarter and more sustainable household.

How to pick a cost-effective Honeywell Evohome set?

Honeywell Evohome - Sets. Choose a bargain set specially designed for your carefree use.