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Honeywell Lyric

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Honeywell Lyric is a smart thermostat for family houses and apartments. It has a remote access via the Lyric app: you can change settings, adjust time programs and control heating anywhere from your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the Lyric thermostat has a geofencing function: it recognizes a location of your device and adjusts your home's temperature accordingly. Heating is on only when you are at home. When you're away, the thermostat turns off the heating and turns it back on when you're on your way back. Thanks to this Honeywell Lyric smart thermostat, you will save on energy costs and your household will be more economical and sustainable.

You can choose the Lyric T6 wired thermostat, which is mounted in the traditional way on the wall, or choose the Lyric T6R wireless version. Both belong to "wifi thermostats" which can be conveniently controlled with your mobile app. The thermostat also has a protection against freezing of the heating system, which works when it is switched off.

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