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Reducing valves for water

Water reducing valves reduce and stabilize the pressure in water distribution systems. Regardless of the fluctuation of the inlet pressure, the outlet pressure remains the same, thus protecting pipes and appliances from excessive mechanical stress. Reducing the working pressure and keeping it at a constant value will also ensure low noise of the plumbing installation. The outlet pressure value is adjustable and the use of the valves is possible both in households and in industrial and commercial applications. Optimizing the pressure also reduces water consumption. Water reducing valves can be used for heating and cooling systems, where water is used as an operating substance.

The water pressure reducing valve is threaded into the system and can easily be supplemented with a water filter that captures mechanical impurities in the operating substance and helps protect pipes and appliances from damage and clogging due to these impurities. Fluctuations in pressure in distribution systems can result in a reduction in the life of the system or its damage (aeration, corrosion, excessive wear, accidents), so we recommend installing a pressure gauge in the system, which will detect any problem with the reducing valve.