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Thermostatic heads

Thermostatic heads provide a modern way of controlling the temperature in rooms that are heated by means of radiators. These are mounted on a standardized radiator valve thread. Mounting for straight and angle radiator valves is the same and can be handled even by a layman. It is carried out without the use of tools using only the union nut. Thermostatic heads do not require any energy source to operate, bring energy savings and maintain the room temperature selected. Not surprisingly, this method of regulation replaced the original, now obsolete, rotary manual valves.

You can choose the type and design according to your needs. Thermostatic heads are available in a classic design, as well as a variant with a separate sensor or a separate control.

Operation of the heads is silent and maintenance-free. A liquid sensor takes care of closing and opening the valve as required - which makes the temperature regulation smooth. When placed in publicly accessible locations, thermostatic heads can be secured against non-sticks by providing reliable protection.