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Smart Heating System Danfoss Icon

Danfoss Icon is a smart heating system for underfloor heating. It is designed to provide the highest user comfort while blending into the interior. In the case of combined heating Danfoss Icon allows for integration with Danfoss Ally and thus you can control both systems at the same time.

The smart heating Danfoss Icon works on the principle of zone control: you set the time and temperature in individual rooms (zones) and the system evenly distributes the heat according to requirements. Danfoss Icon can recognize the approximate size of the heated zones, performs the balancing of the heating system, and simultaneously continuously records the behavior of the heating system, thereby minimizing heat loss and saving heating costs.

You can choose from wired or wireless thermostats, which makes smart heating easily applicable in your household. Danfoss Icon can be expanded with an application module, connected to home wifi, and controlled from anywhere via a smart phone or tablet

Choose from the cost-effective sets of Danfoss Icon

Control Regulator connects the entire modular Danfoss Icon system together and regulates the temperature according to the set heating requirements. It is configured for wired connection with touch control by default, and after adding a radio module, wireless connection of thermostats is possible, and after adding an application module, control of heating via mobile phone or tablet is possible. You can easily extend the smart heating Danfoss Icon with additional functions in the same way. Whether you choose the variant with 10 or 15 outputs for thermoelectric actuators, the controller will take care of your smarter and more sustainable home.

Room Thermostat can be used independently or connected to the control regulator. It regulates and measures the temperature in the room and through a relay input can control up to 5 thermoelectric actuators. The design of the Danfoss Icon room thermostat is designed to resemble a regular switch and blend with the interior. It consists of the body of the thermostat, which fits into an electrician's box, and a frame, whose appearance you can customize and change at will.

Application Module enables control of Danfoss Icon smart heating from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. Simply insert the module into the control regulator, connect it to the home wifi, and pair it with the mobile application, which is compatible with iOS and Android.

Thermoelectric Actuator is designed for use with the Danfoss Icon system. It opens and closes the valve of the underfloor heating circuit and is connected via a two-wire cable to the control regulator or room thermostat. The actuator is silent and energy-efficient, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the heating system.