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How to maintain a magnetic filter for heating

Like any heating component, a magnetic filter also requires periodic maintenance. Find out how these filter works, why cleaning is important and how to handle maintenance yourself.

​Magnetic filter as an integral part of heating systems

If you have a newer heating system, it most likely includes a magnetic filter. However, this device should definitely be installed additionally in older heating. systems. Magnetic filter takes care of the cleaning, and thus of trouble-free and cost-effective running of the heating without malfunctions. How?

Magnetic filter removes all metal impurities that impair running of the heater and shorten its life in two ways:

  1. They get caught on the inner walls of the heating system, where they form deposits. These deposits worsen the heating performance of your radiators, so the house temperature is lower with higher energy consumption.
  2. They get caught on moving parts of pumps and boilers, which can lead to their seizing. Seizures are often beyond repair and component replacement is required.

How magnetic filtration works

As its name suggests, a magnetic filter for heating contains a strong magnet, which constantly catches all metallic, i.e. magnetic, impurities from the operating fluid in the heating system. This filter is places next to the boiler, while the water flowing in the system regularly flows into the filter tank. Unwanted particles are separated here and remain attached to the magnet.

Why is it necessary to clean a magnetic filter regularly?

Since dirt remains trapped on the magnet, it is logical that it needs to be cleaned occasionally. Otherwise, dirt will form a thick layer on the magnet, which will disrupt its magnetic field, and the ability of the magnet to capture more dirt. A clogged up magnetic filter is essentially non-functional and cannot prevent problems caused by contaminated operating liquid.

Step by step instrucions for cleaning the magnetic filter for heating 

Cleaning your magnetic filter is very simple and you can do it yourself even without previous experience. The whole process will not take you more than a few minutes. The key is the type of filter. In principle, magnetic filters for heating are separated into:

  • Filters with a magnet inside the filter tank: water flows through the magnet and impurities are catched directly on its surface.
  • Filters with a magnet outside the tank: the magnet is placed either as a ring around the perimeter of the tank, or as a rod in a separate chamber in the middle of the tank. In both cases, the magnet is not in direct contact with water or dirt. Impurities are magnetized through the wall of the tank - unwanted particles therefore stick to the inner walls of the filter chamber.

Magnets can be placed inside or outside the filter tank.

How often to clean your magnetic water filter

How often does your magnetic filter need to be cleaned? Basically, it is enough to do it once a year, but there are exceptions:

  • After the first installation, clean it after a few days. The magnet will catch all impurities that have accumulated in the heating system during its previous years of operation.
  • In case of an older or heavily polluted heating system, adjust the cleaning interval individually as needed.

Cleaning of a filter with a magnet inside the tank

Here the magnet is placed directly in the sludge chamber. First of all, it is necessary to close water supply to the filter and drain all the water from the chamber with drain valve. Then remove the magnet from the tank (it differs depending on the type of magnet attachment, but usually it is enough to unscrew it or loosen the nut). Afterwards, simply wipe off the deposited dirt from the magnet onto a paper towel, for example using a special spatula. Attach the magnet back to its place, close the tank and open the water supply to the filter. Cleaning is complete and your magnetic filter is ready for operation again. The system does not need to be shut down or drained during cleaning.

Cleaning of a filter with a magnet outside the tank

Just like a filter with a magnet inside, a filter with a magnet outside the tank allows dirt to be removed while the system is running. First close the water supply to the filter - some filter types even allow cleaning without having to close the water supply. Then remove the magnetic rod or ring from the filter. This releases deposited impurities into the water tank. Let them sink to the bottom. Drain this water using the drain tap into the prepared container. You do not need to clean the magnet as such, because dirt is not caught directly on it. Return the magnet to its place and open the water supply to the filter.

What to pay attention to during cleaning

Cleaning is very simple in both cases and basically you can't mess it up. But pay attention to the magnet itself and handling it. Heating filters use very strong magnets that can damage electronic devices. Of course, the magnet also attracts various metal objects, which can damage or cause injury when attracted.

Do not neglect the cleaning of magnetic filters. Thanks to this simple maintenance, your heating will always be perfectly clean and functional. Exact maintenance instructions can always be found in the instructions for the specific filter model.