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Everything You Need to Know Before Building a Water Well

Having your own water source is useful wherever it is not possible to connect to the municipal water supply, but also in cases where you desire higher water quality, lower cost, and independence from the water supply network. Whether you decide for a well or a water bore, with sufficient yield of the source, a reliable submersible pump and proper care, your own water source will provide a constant supply of clean groundwater.

Acquiring your own water bore involves steps that are essential, such as obtaining a building permit and a water extraction permit and of course the costs of constructing the bore. However, it is an investment that pays off within ten years, while the bore will serve much longer. If you are unsure about obtaining the permits, turn to a reliable company that specializes in drilling bores. Company representatives can handle everything important for you, from submitting the application to the actual final approval of the bore, without which it is not possible to extract water. 

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What All Is Good to Know Before You Start Your Own Water Bore?

Location of the Bore

Choosing the right location for a water bore follows several rules. The bore must not be located near potential sources of contamination, to prevent water contamination, nor in areas where water extraction could reduce the groundwater level in surrounding bores or wells. A dowser or hydrogeologist will assist you in selecting the right location and depth for the bore, whose assessment is necessary for obtaining a building permit, so it is not necessary to know the location of the bore before beginning the survey.

Hydrogeological Survey and Exploratory Bore

A hydrogeological survey is a condition for obtaining permission to construct a bore and extract water. It serves to determine where water is located on the property, how deep it is, and the strength of the source. A hydrogeologist will help you choose the right place for the bore and advise whether a well might be more suitable if you are unsure about constructing a bore.

While you cannot do without a hydrogeologist's assessment, an exploratory bore is not fundamentally necessary. However, it may happen that the hydrogeologist still recommends it, or the water management authority requires it.

Before conducting an exploratory bore it is first necessary to obtain the consent of the water management authority. The exploratory bore is only for hydrogeological survey purposes and cannot be used to extract groundwater, until it is legalized.

The cost of a hydrogeological report ranges from 4,000 to 17,000 CZK excluding VAT. 

Necessary Permits for the Bore

To build a water bore just like in the case of a well, a building permit is needed. As it is a water structure, the construction must be approved by the building and water management authorities. Extracting water from a bore is only possible with a water management permit. If you are still planning the house for which the bore will serve, the necessary permits for the bore can be obtained as part of the building permit for the house construction. The permit can also be arranged through a third party (which can be, for example, the company that will build the bore).

The process is somewhat more complex for bores deeper than 30 meters. These also require approval from the mining authority, without which a building permit cannot be issued, and the bore can only be executed by a company authorized by the mining administration.

How to Obtain Permission for a Water Bore?

Hydrogeological Survey

The first step is to conduct a hydrogeological survey by a hydrogeologist. The result is an assessment that is attached to the application for the location of the construction and building permit as well as to the application for a water management permit. An exploratory bore is not necessary to obtain a permit, but authorities may require it.

Project Documentation

Based on the result of the hydrogeological survey, have project documentation prepared. The project documentation must always respect the hydrogeologist's assessment and must include the design of the bore itself including all its components. The documentation can be prepared by anyone who is authorized for water management or technical constructions, and the cost of its execution revolves around 10,000 CZK depending on the complexity of the project.   

Decision on the Location of the Construction

Submit an application to the relevant building authority, which will issue a decision on the location of the construction as part of the spatial planning process. This requires: project documentation and hydrogeologist's statement, statements from the engineering network administrators, confirmation of the administrative fee payment of 1,000 CZK, and an extract from the land registry for the land where the bore will be located. If the bore affects interests protected by special regulations, it is necessary to also provide a statement from the relevant state administration authorities: in the case of bores deeper than 30 meters, you must have the consent of the mining authority.

Decision on Building Permit and Water Management

Armed with the decision on the location of the construction, within the joint construction proceedings, apply for a building permit and for the extraction of groundwater, or water management, which is issued by the relevant water management authority (specialized construction office). The application should include essentially the same as for the spatial planning process and the decision on the location of the construction.

Owners of neighboring lands have a legal right to participate in the entire process, therefore their consent is required. The purpose is to ensure that the construction of a new bore does not reduce water levels in their own wells, however, objections from neighbors must be justified.

Authorities have three months to respond and once we receive it, you can proceed with the construction of the bore without hesitation. Part of the water management permit includes setting the upper limit of water extraction, which is usually sufficient even for larger water usages like irrigation, etc. In justified cases, the authority may order the installation of a water meter.

Extracting water from the bore is possible only after its final approval, for which you need confirmation of the results of prescribed tests, handover protocol, project documentation, and in the case of drinking water also its analysis.

How to Construct a Bore

When constructing a bore, keep in mind that the better the bore is constructed, the better it will serve you. A properly constructed bore ensures high water quality, easy bore maintenance, simpler water bore cleaning and fewer problems with the bore during its use. Therefore, it is good to choose a proven company, which conducts a field inspection on-site before pricing. The company can complete the bore digging in one day. The price varies depending on the depth and conditions of the bore, ranging from 50,000 to 150,000 CZK.

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Before You Start Pumping Water from the Bore

Using and Maintaining the Bore

To ensure the bore supplies your house and garden with clean groundwater for a long time, it is essential to take care of it and the pump. The water bore should be cleaned every 4 to 7 years depending on the conditions of the bore, and the maintenance of the submersible pump should also be performed regularly. You can pump water from the bore all year round, but if the bore is not used in winter, it is necessary to winterize it. To achieve clean and high-quality water, we also recommend installing a water filter.