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Siemens Connected Home Smart Heating Update

Siemens Connected Home Smart Heating is a sustainable way of zone heating control, allowing heating control over the internet and reducing operating costs by up to 30%. The entire automation system is intuitive, easy to install, combine, and use, making homes and commercial spaces smarter, greener, and more comfortable. To meet the demands of the changing environment and provide its users with the highest comfort, quality, and security, Connected Home must continually evolve. This process brings with it the necessity of updates, which you can easily handle in a few minutes from the comfort of your home thanks to the clear instructions. Moreover, the system update now newly allows the option to set the position of valves, from which the boiler will turn on or off (the adjustment range is 5 to 50%) to prevent heat delivery to nearly closed valves. 

Siemens Connected Home Zone Heating Control

Siemens Connected Home Smart Heating

Connected Home Application Update

The first step you need to take to update the Siemens Connected Home smart heating system is to update the Connected Home application. In App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android) click on the app update to version 2.0.3 and everything else will happen automatically.

ZigBee Router Update

For firmware update of the ZigBee router GTW100ZB open the Connected Home application and go to home settings (Home settings). Through router management (Manage hub) navigate to device details (Device details). Under the firmware version item, the number of the currently used firmware version is listed and to the right, an update to the latest version is available („can be updated“): click on the offered update and confirm it. The process can take up to 15 minutes and upon completion, the ZigBee router will be using the latest firmware version (currently 2.0.7).

PDF Picture Guide for SW Update

Switching Unit Update

Firmware update of the wireless relay switching unit RCR110.2ZB is somewhat more complicated, but still manageable. It occurs in two steps: firmware update via the Connected Home app and then re-pairing the switching unit with the app. For a faster process, it is recommended to place the ZigBee router as close as possible to the switching unit.

First, in the app click on settings (Settings) of the switching unit and go to device details (Device details). To the right of the information about the firmware version (Firmware version), an update option update („click to update“) will appear, just click on it and the firmware will update. This process takes 5 to 30 minutes depending on the distance between the ZigBee router and the switching unit. The number of the latest firmware version will again appear under the firmware version item (the current latest version is 02007).

After updating the firmware in the Connected Home app, it is necessary to delete the updated switching unit from the app and perform a manual reset of the switching unit to factory settings: press the button on the switching unit and hold it for 10 seconds until the LED indicator starts blinking alternately red and green to confirm the device's return to factory settings. Then again pair the switching unit with the ZigBee router.

Siemens Connected Home Smart Heating