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Siemens Connected Home: The Future of Smart Homes

Siemens Connected Home is a home automation system that makes homes smarter and lives greener. In practice, this means that smart devices take care of your heating, shading, lighting, and many other functions while optimizing their operation and consumption, thereby reducing operational costs. Smart devices are adaptive, constantly learning, recording any changes and characteristics of the system they are in, and adapting to them. The individual Connected Home automation devices are connected via the ZigBee wireless protocol, which eliminates the need for constant internet connection, ensuring reliable, encrypted, and secure communication. This type of communication also allows for easy expansion of the system with additional smart devices and ensures their compatibility with each other. Siemens Connected Home is thus sustainable on its own.

Remote Heating Control via Mobile

Smart Heating with Siemens Connected Home

Economical Heating with a Few Clicks

Siemens Connected Home includes smart heating, which can reduce heating operating costs by up to 30%. Connected Home controls home or commercial heating and optimizes the heating system based on the desired temperature and the characteristics of individual devices. You can control the entire heating system from a single application, allowing remote heating control via the internet, where you can easily set or adjust your preferences. Smart heating takes care of everything for you.

Until now, zone regulation with Siemens Connected Home was only available for smart radiator heating, but starting next year, a multi-zone regulator for underfloor heating should also be available. For radiators, Siemens introduces a new generation of smart heads SSA911.02ZB.

Siemens Connected Home also offers smart thermostats, which, like all other smart products, are suitable for apartments, houses, public buildings, offices, clinics, and other commercial spaces. Siemens plans to release two new versions of smart thermostats: a modernized "classic" smart thermostat equipped with a non-voltage relay for heat source switching and a wireless variant of the thermostat without a relay, which can be supplemented with a relay unit RCR110.2ZB when needed.

Heating Control Siemens Connected Home 

New smart heating head Siemens TRV2

What else does Siemens Connected Home plan?

Siemens Connected Home is not only focusing on smart heating in the future but also paying attention to other areas of security and safety. This year, it will gradually introduce additional components from the Connected Home series: smart sockets, door and window sensors, water leakage detectors, and motion sensors. Another novelty includes light switches, dimmer switches, and switches for controlling shading, all available in various color options.

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